Carbon Bromide

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Carbon Bromide is a water soluble crystalline form of carbon available in a variety of purity grades. This product can be used in a variety of applications such as reagent, analytical standard and in crystal growth applications. Carbon Bromide can also be dissolved in aqueous solvents such as acetone and methanol for use in certain chemical analysis applications. High purity forms of this compound are also available in ultra high purity grades for certain crystal growth applications.

Until recently, carbon and its compounds had been regarded as harmless to release into the environment. However, it is now known that some of these compounds vaporize and are carried into the atmosphere where they can cause damage.

The molecules of Carbon Tetrabromide are positioned on the corners and centers of the cubic unit cell (fcc) in an atomic arrangement that is similar to diamond. Earlier it was thought that these molecules could rotate almost freely, but more recent studies have shown that the orientation of these molecules is restricted to 6 possible rotations (Frankel disorder).

This compound can be toxic to the skin and lungs if it comes in direct contact with them. Symptoms of exposure include lachrymation and irritation. If inhaled, it can cause effects on the liver and kidneys. Exposure to high concentrations can result in unconsciousness.

It is important to keep this material in a well ventilated area and away from sunlight. It can cause serious injuries to the eyes if it gets in them and should be handled with gloves. In case of eye contact, one should immediately rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and seek medical assistance.

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