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Silicon Oxide SiO2 hollow nanospheres is a lithium anode material that has uniform particle sizes, hollow structure, and high specific surface areas. Purity: 99%
Particle Size : 300-600nm
What is Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres?
Silicon Oxide SiO2 hollow nanospheres are characterized by their uniform particle sizes, hollow structure and high specific surface areas. It also has a uniform pore diameter, is super hydrophilic as well as having surface modification. The abundant silicon oxide reserves, its low cost and environmental friendliness as well as its easy synthesis make it a promising material for anodes in high-energy lithium-ion battery (LIB). Is a trusted global Silica Oxide SiO2 Hollow nanospheres as Lithium Anode Material Supplier . Send an inquiry for the latest. Prices of Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres SiO2 .

What is The Hollow SiO2 nanospheres are a lithium battery anode material. ?
Silicon Oxide SiO2 hollow nanospheres can be produced by crystallization and other ultra-pure processes like sublimation.

Technical Parameter of anode material Silicon Oxide SiO2 hollow nanospheres
Product Name Particle Size Purity SSA Pore Volume Pore Diameter
Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanosphere 300-600nm 99% >=400 m2/g >=0.5 cm3/g 2-3nm
Application of anode material Silicon Oxide SiO2 hollow nanospheres

Hollow microspheres, a new type of inorganic material, are the main focus of development. As a type of new inorganic materials, silica hollow microspheres have many characteristics, including narrow particle size distributions, good dispersibilitys, high melting points, and good stability.
Micro memory
In order to create drug carriers, ibuprofen, ciprofloxacin, and other drugs have been embedded in hollow microspheres using the template method or in-situ hydration method.
In addition to this, silica hollow microscopic spheres could be used as an ultrasound contrast agent. The unique, stable cavity structure as well as the easy modification of functional group on its surface has led to a high development potential.
The reaction occurs only on the sphere. For example, a photocatalytic process. Each hollow sphere can be used as a reactor to increase the light path, thus improving the reaction efficiency.
Micro separator
Adsorb different harmful substances in order to evolve, for example modified hollow spherical silicas, which are able to efficiently adsorb toxic organic substances, achieving the separation and purification purpose;
The microstructure unit is an additive that improves performance. By combining a hollow structure and a porous structure, hollow silica can be made with a mesoporous surface. This will improve the performance of the material. It can remove heavy metals ions and dye molecules from sewage.
Used as a filler or in coatings and structural materials
The hollow silica spheres filler is a key component of the lightweight abative materials that are used in TPS. The addition of hollow silica spheres to the resin matrix not only improves its mechanical and physical properties but also reduces structural material density. This is a key factor in the advancement and application of the aerospace industry. The addition of hollow silica microspheres into the coatings used on friction equipment (such a drill bits or bearings) has a lubricating and service-extending effect.

Storage Condition of anode Material SiO2 Hollow nanospheres

Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres should not be exposed to the air. The product should be packed in vacuum and stored in a cool and dry place. SiO2 hollow nanospheres are also not to be used under pressure.

Packaging and Shipping of Hollow SiO2 Nanospheres as Anode Materials:
The packing we use depends on the number of Silicon Oxide SiO2 hollow nanospheres.
Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres Packing: 100g/bag or 500g/bag, 1kg/bag, or as your request.
Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres Shipping: Once payment has been received, goods can be shipped by air, sea, or express as quickly as possible.

Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres

Alternative Names Quartz, silane, dioxo, Silicon (IV) Oxide, Cristobalite,
Silica, Crystalline silica, Dioxosilane
CAS Number 60676-86-0
Compound Formula SiO2
Molecular Mass 60.09
Appearance White Powder
Melting Point 1600
Boiling Point 2230
Density 2.533 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact-Mass 59.9668 g/mol

Silicon Oxide Hollow Nanospheres Health & Safety information

Sign Word Warning
Hazard Statements H319-H335-H373
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information N/A
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