Organic Modification of Titanium Dioxide and Its Influence on the Properties of Engineering Plastics

What is Titanium Dioxide? Titanium dioxide is an important organic chemical pigment. Its main ingredient is titanium dioxide. Two process methods are used to make titanium dioxide. One is the sulfuric acid method, and one is the chlorination method. You can use it in papermaking, coatings, and inks. Engineering plastics’… Continue reading

Titanium nitride is a refractory compound with high microhardness and chemical and thermal stability

What does titanium nitride mean? Refractory compounds such as titanium nitride have high microhardness as well chemical and thermal stability. TiN is used as an ingredient in special refractory compounds and cermets. It also serves as a crucible substance for metal casting. TiN is also useful as a precursor of… Continue reading

Introduction to The Preparation Methods of Titanium Carbide Powder

Titanium carbide This is a cubic, light gray-colored, chemically stable, insoluble in water. While titanium carbide does not react well with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric Acid, it is easily dissolved in aqua regia and nitric acids. Additionally, it dissolves in alkaline oxide solutions. Titanium carbide (iron gray crystal, metallic luster)… Continue reading

Is titanium nitride a good coating?

Nitride properties titaniumium nitride molecular mass 61.874g/mol Tasteless. Extremely durable. It is crystallized in a manner similar to sodium chloride. It has high mechanical strength. The titanium nitride melting temperature is around 2947°C. It is compatible with equipment and appliances that are able to withstand extreme temperatures. It resists the… Continue reading

High Purity Titanium Carbide TiC Powder CAS 12070-08-5,99%

Titanium Carbide has the chemical formula, TiC and a molecularweight of 59.89. The grey powder can be used to produce cemented carbide. Particle Size: -325mesh Purity: 99% Learn more about Titanium Carbide powder Formula for Titanium carbide It is TiC Its molecular mass is 59.89. Cubic lattice solid gray-colored, metal-like… Continue reading