What is Titanium Silicide?

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How do you define it?

Titanium Siicide

This chemical composition is called titanium disilicide. Its chemical formula is TiSi2 powder.

Titanium Silicide: What are its characteristics?

This titanium silicicide TiSi2 Powder (CAS 12039-83-7) has a high melt point, high corrosion resistance. high oxidation resistance.

Titanium Silicide Properties

Additional Names
TiSi2 Powder, titanium disilicide


Compound Formula

Molecular Weight

Black Powder

Melting Point
1470 degC

Boiling Point

4.02 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O


Titanium Silicide Powder TiSi2 CAS 12039-83-7

Titanium Silicide:

1. Make a titanium silicide layer. Prepare the device according to the following method. Invention eliminates the silicideblockoxide layer of prior art. This reduces cost and reduces the loss by etching the isolation oxide film. Also, it improves stability.

2. A Ti5Si3 particles and aluminum titanium carbide (Ti3AlC2) composite matrix was created. A certain amount of titanium was added to Ti3AlC2/Ti5Si3 materials. These composite materials have different volumes ratios. The volume percentage of the silicon silicide particle reinforcing phases is 10-40%. The specific preparation method is as follows: first, using titanium powder, aluminum powder, silicon powder and graphite powder as raw materials, the molar ratio of Ti:Al:Si:C is 3:(1.1-x):x:(1.8~2.0), wherein x is 0.1~0.5. After mixing the raw powder by mechanical and physical means for eight hours, it is placed in a graphite molding mold with an applied pressure of 1020MPa. Next, the temperature is 14001600. Sintering time is approximately 0.52hours and the pressure is 2040MPa. Invention can produce aluminum titanium carbide/titaniumsilicide composite material at lower temperatures and in a shorter time.

3. Making composite functional titanium silicide-coated glass. On a common glass substrate, a thin film of silicon is applied. You can make a composite of titanium silicide, silicon, or add a little active carbon or nitrogen to the film. To obtain titanium silicide composite silica or titanium caride or composite silicide silica or composite silicide silica or titanium nitride/titanium nitride glass with improved mechanical strength and chemical resistance. A new kind of coated glass is invented that has both low radiation and dimming heat insulation.

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