Choosing Between Aluminum and Iron Alloy Alloys

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Aluminum is a versatile metal that’s used in a wide range of applications. Its low cost, high strength to weight ratio and non-toxic properties make it a favorite for many industries.

It’s also very light and easy to process – especially when it is alloyed with other materials like iron. That’s why you see it in everything from foils to kitchen utensils to electronics, and more!

If you’re thinking about making a new aluminum alloy for your next project, it’s important to choose the right one. The choice can be difficult, as there are so many different grades of aluminum with different strengths and properties.

A good starting point is a general-purpose aluminum, such as 2024 or 3003, which are both soft and ductile. These types of alloys are good choices for applications that require a high strength to weight ratio, but if you have specific needs, it’s worth looking into a more specialized grade.

For example, if you’re working with an injection mold, a softer alloy might be a better choice than a harder alloy that requires more heat-treatment. Or, if you’re designing an aluminum alloy that will be exposed to chemicals and corrosion-prone environments, you may want to consider a more corrosion-resistant option.

If you’re unsure what alloy is best for your project, don’t worry – the experts at Kloeckner Metals are here to help! We offer a full line of aluminum supplies and services, with a national footprint and the latest fabrication and processing technologies. Contact us today to learn more!

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