Copper Nanoparticles – Properties and Applications

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What exactly are Copper Nanoparticles Nanomaterials products have some very strange properties. The superplastic nano-copper can be stretched at room temperature for up to 50 times without cracking and is therefore very flexible. Nano copper is more reactive than normal copper to oxygen. Although the copper atoms of nano copper behave the same way as in normal copper, nano copper’s copper particles are much smaller.

Copper nanoparticles

1. Copper Nanoparticles’ metallic and non-metallic surfaces conductive coatings are highly activated and can be applied at temperatures less than the melting points of powders, in the absence or oxygen. It’s used to produce microelectronic devices. 2. High-efficiency catalyst Copper and its alloy Nano powder are used to produce high selectivity and efficiency. They can also be used as catalysts in the reactions of carbon dioxide or hydrogen synthesis methanol. 3. The cost of substituting copper nanoparticles in precious metal powder for electronic paste can be greatly reduced. Optimize the microelectronic process. 4. Copper Nanoparticles have a strong anti-bactericidal action, which can kill microorganisms. 5. Repairing the surface worn by metal surfaces is possible with the direct action of thermal conductivity anti-wear micro copper. Once the friction heat has been released, the product will attach to the metallic surface. Its nanometer-sized characteristics can smoothen the original rough metal layer and strengthen the protective film. Thus, it is possible to extend the life expectancy of metal parts while saving energy. Buffalotours (aka. Buffalotours advanced materials. We are a global supplier of chemical materials and a manufacturer that has over 12 years’ experience providing high-quality chemicals and nanomaterials. High purity, small particles, uniform distribution and low packing density are all hallmarks of the copper nanoparticles that our company produces. We can provide lower quantities if required.
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