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Bismuth sulfide, also known as Bi2S3, is a toxic chemical substance that is not radioactive. It can be harmful to humans.Particle size : -100mesh (or customized)
Purity: 99%, 99.99%
About Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 (Powder)
Bismuth sulfur chemical formula has the following: Bi2S3. It is also known as trisulfide. Bismuth Sulfide Molecular Weight 514.15. Powder or crystal brown-yellow. Specific gravity is 7.39. Decomposes after 685. It is insoluble in water, ethyl-acetate and hydrochloric or nitric acid. The sulphide of bismuth is produced by melting metallic Bismuth and sulfur together or by adding hydrogen sulfide to a solution of bismuth sodium. To prepare bismuth compound. Bismuth-sulfide, an important semiconductor material used in optoelectronics and thermoelectric devices, has made life easier for mankind. Nano bismuth sulfide makes its various properties more optimized. It is very important to synthesize bismuth-sulfide structures with specific morphologies because the properties of nanomaterials depend largely on the morphology.

Bismuth-sulfide, Bi2S3 is an important semiconductor that has many potential applications, including thermoelectric, optoelectronic, and infrared devices. Bismuth Sulfide’s bandgap is 1.33eV. This can be used as a photoelectric converter and in thermoelectric cooling. Nano-scale Bismuth Sulfide not only can blue-shift ultraviolet-visible wavelengths and fluorescence emission, but it also enhances the redox capability of nanoparticles and has an excellent photoelectric catalyst performance. It has a wide range of applications in luminescent, nonlinear and photocatalytic material.

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Bismuth-Sulfide Bi2S3 Pulp CAS 1345-09-9
Melting point: 685degC (dec.)
CAS number: 1345-09
EINECS Number: 215-716-0
Density=7.6-7.8 g/cm3

How does Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 Bi2S3 Powder produce ?
Bismuth sulfide can be made by melting bismuth metal with sulfur or adding hydrogen sulfide in a solution containing bismuth. Useful for making bismuth compound, also used to create other bismuth compound.

Application of Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 powder
Bismuth Sulfide Powder can be used in the preparation of nanoplates, ultrathin films and nano-platelets.
Bismuth sulfide is suitable for liquid peeling, resulting in nanosheets or nanoparticles of Bi2S3, up to several layers. It is best to mix 10% deionized with 90% isopropanol for the peeling of Bi2S3 layers.
Bismuth sulfide, or Bi2S3, has a large absorption coefficient and a bandgap that is close to the infrared spectrum. It can be used as a solution-processed thermoelectric device, photodetectors and photosensitizers. Bi2S3 also makes an excellent candidate for polymer nanoparticle solar cell applications.
Bismuth sulfide offers advantages in terms of photoconductivity, nonlinear optical response, and environmental friendliness. It is used widely in solar cells and photodiode systems, as well as in infrared imaging spectroscopy. It is also used in the Microelectronics and free-cutting steel industry, to produce other bismuth compound.

Condition of Bismuth-Sulfide-Bi2S3 Powder in Storage:
Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 is affected by the dampness of the mixture. This will have an adverse effect on the dispersion and use of Bi2S3 and should therefore be packed in a vacuum and kept in a dry and cool room. Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3 Powder is also not to be used under pressure.

Shipping & Packing of Bismuth Sulfide Bi2S3:
The packaging is dependent on the Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 POWDER quantity.
Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 – Powder packaging: 100g, 500g, 1kg/bag; 25kg/barrel.
Bismuth sulfide Bi2S3 is shipped by air or sea as soon after payment as possible.

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Bismuth Sulfide Properties

Alternative Names dibismuth trisulphide, bismuch(3+) sulfide (2:3), Bi2S3 powder
CAS Number 1345-07-9
Compound Formula Bi2S3
Molecular Mass 514.16
Appearance Dark-brown Powder
Melting Point 775
Boiling Point N/A
Density 6.78 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Volume 513.876978

Bismuth sulfide Health & Safety Information

Sign Word Warning
Hazard Statements H315-H319-H335
Hazard Codes Xi
Risk Codes 36/37/38
Safety Declarations 26
Transport Information EB3105000
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