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Cadmium Selenide with the molecular formula CdSe, and a molal weight of 191.36. This powder is gray-brown to red.Particle Size Granule, 100mesh
Purity: 99.9%
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Cadmium Selenide has the molecular formula CdSe. What is CdSe known as? Cadmium selenide. So far, the research has focused on the nanoparticles. Cadmium Selenide (CdSe), a hexagonal modified Tetrahedral Semiconductor with a Wurtzite Structure, is a uniaxial optic semiconductor that has two dielectric properties. The polarized-light measurement of CdSe’s reflectivity spectrum shows that the vectors of electric charge parallel and perpendicular the hexagonal plane are different.
Cadmium-selenide is a binary compound consisting of cadmium, selenium and a solid. It is a transparent infrared material. The use of nitrogen can lead to a p type doping of the cadmium-selenide. Cadmium selenide can be found in three forms: rock salt, sphalerite or wurtzite. Selenium, a heavy metal toxic to humans in large quantities, can also be toxic. Cadmium selenide, a heavy metal toxic to humans, is known as a carcinogen. It requires medical attention when swallowed and if it gets in contact with the skin or eyes. Current research is mainly focused on the control of development.
What is Cadmium selenide structure? CdSe exists in three different crystal forms: hexagonal galena (hexagonal), halite (cubic) and halite (cubic). The CdSe of sphalerite, which is an unstable structure, converts to wurtzite with moderate heating. The transition can begin at 130 deg C, and be completed within one day at 700 deg C. The global leader in folic acid. Cadmium Selenide CdSe Powder You can also contact us by clicking here. . Please send us an inquiry regarding the latest Prices of Cadmium Selenide At any time.

Cadmium selenide CdSe powder:
Cadmium Selenide has a formula molécular of CdSe with a weight molecule of 191.36. It comes as a powder that is either beige or crimson.

Specification of Cadmium Selenide CdSe powder
COA for CdSe
Purity 99.99%
Curiosity <=5ppm
You can also find us on Twitter @Ni <=5ppm
Zn <=10ppm
The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us <=5ppm
Ca <=5ppm
Fe <=10ppm
Co <=5ppm
Na <=5ppm

What is Cadmium Selenide CdSe Powder produced?
Cadmium selenide ( cadmium selenide synthesis Bulk crystalline CdSe was prepared by high-pressure vertical Bridgman method or high-pressure vertical zone melting method. Bulk CdSe has been prepared by the Bridgman high-pressure method or the zone melting high-pressure method.
CdSe is also available in nanoparticle form. CdSe is prepared by several different methods: retention precipitation in solutions, synthesis structural media, high-temperature pyrolysis (pyrolysis), ultrasonochemistry (ultrasonochemistry) and radiolysis
Under controlled conditions, alkylcadmium and tri-octylphosphineselenide (TOPSE), precursors, were introduced to a heated solvant, and cadmium selenide was prepared through retention precipitation of a solution.
ME2Cd – TOPSE + CdSe (by-product)
The high-temperature process of pyrolysis is typically carried out with aerosols containing volatile mixtures between cadmium, selenium, and other precursors. The precursor is introduced into an inert gas furnace, which may contain hydrogen, nitrogen, or argon. The precursor reacts with the inert gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen or argon.

Applications Cadmium Selenide CdSe Powder :
CdSe is transparent to infrared rays (IR). It has limited uses in photoresistors, windows and other instruments that use infrared light. The material has also high luminescent characteristics.CdSe comes from the pigment Cadmium Orange.
Cadmium selenide You can use Also included:
Optoelectronic devices
Laser diode
Biomedical imaging
High-efficiency solar cell
Thin film transistor

Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) Powder Packing & shipping:
The packaging options are dependent on the amount of Cadmium selenide CdSe powder.
Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) Powder packaging: 100g/bag, 500g/bag, or 1kg/bag. 25kg/barrel.
Cadmium Selenide (CdSe) Powder Shipping: Can be shipped by sea, air, or express as quickly as possible after receipt of payment.

Cadmium Selenide Properties

Alternative Names cadmium(II) selenide, selanylidenecadmium, cadmium(2+) selenide,
Cadmium monoselenide (CdSe) powder
CAS Number 1306-24-7
Compound Formula CdSe
Molecular Mass 191.37
Appearance Gray or Brown Powder
Melting Point 1268
Boiling Point N/A
Density 5.81 g/cm3
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Measure 193.81988

Cadmium Selenide Health & Safety Information

Sign Word Danger
Hazard Statements H301-H331-H373-H410
Hazard Codes T.
Risk Codes 21-23/25-33-50/53
Safety Declarations 36/37-45-60-61
Transport Information UN 2570 6.1/PG
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