How to Weld Tungsten Tube

tungsten tube is a strong metal that is used in many different applications. It can be shaped to make rings, washers and sleeves.

Tungsten has a high melting point and can generate X-rays when irradiated with a high-speed electron beam. These properties have led to the use of tungsten in a variety of devices, including medical X-ray tubes and radiation shielding.

The material is often used as a target in kathode sputtering. It is a good choice for this process because it has a very low fusing point (compared to platinum) and does not disintegrate easily when the kathode is focused.

It is also used as an electrode in gas tungsten arc welding. When using this type of welding, it is best to grind the tungsten to a point so that it does not create ridges on the electrode. This will prevent the tungsten from becoming distorted during the process and will help to transfer welding current in a focused arc.

Grind a Tungsten Electrode Straight on the Wheel

If you are using a grinding machine to grind the tungsten electrode, it is best to run the blade straight over the tungsten. This helps to reduce the presence of ridges on the electrode that could cause arc wandering or melt into the weld puddle, causing contamination.

This will also help to ensure that the tungsten electrode is properly aligned. This can be a challenge when machining long tubular parts made of this material, so special supports are designed and applied to maintain their straightness and concentricity.

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