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Silver has been used for centuries as an antimicrobial agent to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Modern science has developed nano silver solution which is a metallic silver elemental that can be dispersed in liquids such as water and gels. It has bactericidal effects on about 650 kinds of bacteria without generating resistance.

Silver particles with a size of 1-100nm can enter the cells of microorganisms and destroy them by their unique structure, killing them instantly. This action is much faster than conventional antibiotics and does not affect normal healthy tissue. It is also non-toxic to humans and animals. Its broad spectrum of bactericidal activity makes it a valuable supplement in the fight against infections, especially those caused by drug resistant strains.

Unlike colloidal silver, which is made using the physical electric model by running a current through silver wires and results in a division of silver ions and silver particles without capping agents, nano silver particles are capped with a plant extract, making them stable in various conditions. The capping also prevents the particles from clumping together, making them more effective than colloidal silver.

Currently, many products such as keyboards, textiles, and wound dressings are impregnated with silver to help control infection and prevent contamination. However, these silver particles can be released when the items are laundered and into wastewater systems and the environment. This is a concern because the ions can be toxic to microbes that are essential for ecological systems.

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