Redispersible Polymer Powder RDP Powder VAE Powder

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Appearance: White powder N.W. : 25 kg/bag
Redispersible polymer powder uses
Improve flow properties
Increased flexural strength
Reduce material water absorption
Concrete accelerator product introduction
Dispersible polymer powder(RDP powder, VAE powder) is a white powdery polymer commonly used in the modification of cement-based or gypsum-based mortars.
Vinyl acetate ethylene redispersible powder can be quickly redispersed into an emulsion after meeting water, and has the same properties as the initial emulsion, that is, as the water evaporates during the coagulation and hardening of the cement mortar, the polymer particles are in the cement mortar. A film is formed, which acts like a polymer emulsion to modify the cement mortar. This film has high flexibility, weather resistance, abrasion resistance and good adhesion to a variety of substrates.

Redispersible polymer powder uses:

Redispersible polymer powder can improve construction performance;

Redispersible polymer powder can improve flow performance; increase thixotropy and sag resistance;

Redispersible polymer powder can improve cohesion; extend open time; enhance water retention.

The effect of VAE Redispersible polymer powder can after the mortar is cured

Increase tensile strength; increase bending strength; reduce elastic modulus; improve deformability; increase material compactness; increase wear resistance; increase cohesive strength; reduce carbonization depth; reduce material water absorption; make materials have extreme excellent water-increasing (adding water-increasing rubber powder).

Parameters of Redispersible polymer powder VAE powder

Items Parameters
Appearance White powder
Solid content(wt%) >=98.0
Ash(wt%) 10+-2%
Bulk density(g/L) 300-500
Particle size 325 mesh
pH 6-8
Minimum film forming temperature 0~5

Packaging and storage of Redispersible polymer powder

Redispersible polymer powder should be stored in a cool and dry place. The recommended period of use is six months.

Please use redispersible powder as early as possible when used in summer.

If stored in a hot and humid place, redispersible powder will increase the chance of agglomeration.

Please use redispersible powder as much as possible after opening the bag.

Paper-plastic compound square bottom valve bag, 25kg/bag.

Packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.

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