Triterpenoid Saponin Air entraining agent

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Triterpenoid SAPONIN, a type of glycosides obtained from tea seeds, has a good performance as a surfactant. It can be used widely in light industry and chemical industry.
Product Introduction Triterpenoid saponin Triterpenoid Saponin This is a glycoside that comes from tea seeds. It is an excellent natural surfactant. It can be used widely in light industry and chemical industry.
Manufacturing emulsifiers such as detergents, pesticides additives for feed, crab breeding protection agents, textile auxiliaries and oil production flotation agent, mining lubricants.

The Product Characteristics Triterpenoid saponin
Triterpenoid saponin The triterpenoid saponins, which are spicy and bitter, cause nasal mucosa irritation, leading to sneezing. Pure product is white fine crystal columnar, with strong hygroscopicity and acidity to methyl, which causes sneezing. Insoluble in anhydrous alcohol and methanol. Insoluble in benzene.
When the solution is acidic and hydrochloric adds to it, the saponins are precipitated.
Product name Triterpenoid saponin
Appearance Light yellow powder
Active material content >=60%
Foaming power 160-190mm
pH 5.0-6.5
Surface tension 47-51 mN/m
Water solubility Solubilized in water

Application field Triterpenoid saponin
(1) Pesticides
To achieve the goals of synergism (solubilization), attenuation and attenuation, environmentally-friendly pesticide auxiliaries refined using tea saponin are widely used in herbicides as well. It can be used as a wetting agent for wettable insecticides to improve their wettability. This will also improve the suspension of the pesticides and reach or exceed the national standards.
This water-based additive has more benefits than other pesticide additives. It does not contain metals ions which can damage pesticides’ quality.
As a synergistic, developing agent for EC-types pesticides it can improve their physical and chemical characteristics, resulting in a low dose, good control, quick knockdown speed and anti-Rain Water scouring. It can reduce the amount by up to 70% due to the surface activity.
Tea saponin is a natural repellent, and biological hormones can help to promote the growth of crops.
2) Building Materials field
Triterpenoid is an effective natural surfactant. It is used to foam concrete and other light building materials. The content of tea saponin in cement is estimated to be between 0.4% and 1.5 %, a relatively low amount and at a low cost.
It is a degreaser, it can improve the suspension and dispersion of aluminum, inhibit the digestion of lime, increase the stability and reliability of slurry, and enhance the stomatal structures. The effect of this powder is far superior to that produced by acacia or pulling powder.
The use of paraffin in fibreboard sizing has proven to be successful due to its high dispersibility and emulsifying properties. It can significantly reduce water absorption, improve waterproof performance, and improve fibreboard quality.
The daily chemical field
Use of tea saponin as a surface active ingredient can be used for hair dyes and shampoos. It is not just shampoo that has a good anti-itching and anti-inflammatory effect, but it also works well to reduce dandruff.
Textile field
Tea saponin can be used as a laundry detergent. It has less ability to remove color, so it won’t produce velvet.
(5)Oil Production and Mining
It is ideal for petroleum exploration due to its surface activity. Due to the wear and tear of drill bits, tea saponin is a good lubricant that can save the bit as well as speed up exploration.
(6) Photocopying and photography
Photo negatives that have been treated with tea Saponin will improve their clarity and brightness.
(7) Fire extinguishing agents field
Tea saponin is not only foaming but has also a strong flame retardant effect. Tea saponin is used as an auxiliary in the manufacture of fire extinguishing products. It has excellent performance.

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