Why silicon nitride is an important structural ceramic material

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What’s silicon nitride?

Silicon nitride

This important structural ceramic material has high hardness and wear resistance. The atomic crystal resists high temperature oxidation. It can also resist cold or hot shocks. It can also be heated up to 1000°C in air. Then it is cooled quickly and heated intelligently until the material does not crack. This is because silicon nitride clays possess such great properties that they are often used to produce bearings, blades for turbines, seal rings and permanent molds. For example, silicon nitride ceramics are used for heating the surfaces of engine parts. They are not easily heat transferred and are highly resistant to extreme temperatures. This can help improve middle distillate engine quality and increase fuel efficiency. China, Japan, America, Japan, and others have all developed middle distillate engine technology.

Silicon nitride production process

The two main production methods for silicon nitride ceramics are reaction sintering (or hot pressing) sintering. According to the standard production process for ceramic products, reaction sintering produces silicon powder. Next, the furnace performs pre-nitriding at 11501200. The machine tool can then be used to machine the products after they have reached a desired strength. The product becomes silicon nitride by further nitriding, which is performed at 13501450 over 1836h. The product volume and size are stable because of this method. A hot pressing method involves combining silicon nitride powder and small quantities of additives like MgO or Al2O3, MoF2, MgF2, MgF2, MgF3, or Fe2O3. At a temperature of 16001700, with pressures of 19.6 MPa, products from hot pressing are often denser. They are more stable than products made with reaction sintering.


Silicon nitride applications

Si3N4 SIC refractories are used in combination with sic for blast oven stack. Other parts include SI3N4BN materials and BN for horizontal continuous casting separator ring. This ceramic material is acceptable and has a flat structure. The requirements of continuous cast mean that it cannot be wetted using liquid steel. Silicon nitride ceramic materials are also very stable, resistant to strong oxidation, and have excellent dimensional accuracy. Silicon nitride can be formed an oxide protective coating in the air and is therefore a good covalent compound. It cannot be reduced below 1200. Protective film created at 12001600 will prevent any further oxidation. It is not able to be soaked in molten metals and alloys like aluminum, lead and tin or silver and it won’t be corroded or soiled by them. However, it is susceptible to being damaged by molten solution like magnesium, nickel-chromium allie, and stainless steel.

Prices for silicon nitride

Prices will depend on how small and pure silicon nitride particles are. The purchase volume may also have an effect on cost. Large quantities of high quality silicon nitride are more expensive. On our official website, you can see the price of silicon nitride.

Silicon nitride supplier

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