Air Entraining Agent in Concrete

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Air-entraining agents are able to introduce large numbers of air bubbles evenly distributed in the concrete mix to reduce bleeding, segregation and to improve workability.
Description Air entraining Agent Air-entraining agents This is the ability to add an even number of tiny air bubbles into the concrete mixture to reduce bleeding. concrete mixture Hardened materials can be improved in terms of their workability and durability, as well as their resistance to frost. concrete admixtures .

What is air entraining agents?
Most of the Air entraining agents Surfactants that are anionic. On the interface between water and air, the hydrophobic groups are directedly adsorbed towards the air. The hydrated particle forms a hydrophobic surface adsorption layer. They try to get close to the air, causing a large amount of fine air bubbles to form during the concrete mixing process. These air-bubbles have directional layers of adsorption with the exact same charge. This allows them to repel eachother and be distributed evenly.
The calcium salts in cement solutions with high calcium contents are adsorbed to the bubble film by many anionic agents, and this can effectively prevent bubbles from popping.

Technical Parameters of Air Entraining Agent
The following are examples of Main component Appearance Density(g/cm3) pH (1% Water Solution) The refractive index (20). viscosity(20,Sp2,100rpm)
Standard Alkyl Ether Anionic Surfactant Liquid Yellow or Colorless

Product characteristics of air entraining agents
1. This product has fine, uniform, and lasting air-bubbles.
2. It can enhance the workability and pumpability.
3. The water is not able to be separated.
4. The improved durability and freeze-thaw resistance.
5. Reduce the slump loss.
6. The concrete can be used for projects such as hydraulic, maritime, port and culvert construction, tunnel, bridges, roads, culverts.
7. The mortar can be used for a wide range of weapons.

Concrete can be infused with air-entraining agents
1.Improve concrete mix workability.
Concrete can be made more impervious and resistant to frost.
3.Reduce concrete strength. In general, when air content increases by 1% in concrete, the compressive strength and flexural strength decreases by 4%-6%.

Precautions Air entraining agents
1. This product contains no toxic or harmful substances. It is biodegradable and not edible.
2. If the product gets into your eyes, you should rinse them with water immediately.
3. Consult a physician immediately if you suspect that you have caused allergies in a certain part of the body.
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