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Manganese diilicide is another name for manganese silicide. Its chemical formula is MnSi2. MnSi2 Powder is used for cemented carbide, high temperature structure materials, etc. Purity: 99%
Particle Size : 5-10um
Manganese Silicide Powder MnSi2:
Manganese silicide MnSi2 This is a silicide (intermetallic compound) of manganese. Manganese silicide This compound is a type refractory, intermetallic transition metal silicide. The nanomaterial of manganese disilicide (MnSi2) The compound has unique electrical, optical and magnetic properties. It could even be used in catalysis. It is not stoichiometric, and the silicon deficiency is expressed as MnSi2-x.

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Manganese Silicate MnSi2 Powder Characteristics
Manganese silicide (MnSi2) powder has high melting point and high corrosion resistance. It also has good electrical conductivity.
A binary alloy system, in its intermediate phase. Dual characteristics of metals.

Technical Parameters of Manganese Silicate MnSi2 powder
Product Name MF Purity Particle Size Density Color
manganese silicide MnSi2 99% 5-10um 5.24 g/cm3 Gray black

Chemical Composition Manganese Silicate Powder MnSi2:
MnSi2 Mn Si C You can also find out more about P Fe S
>99% >49.1% Balance 0.2% 0.02% 0.20% 0.03%

What is Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder produced?
The ampoule was filled with a 10ml Al2O3 crucible containing 2g of manganese (0.036mol), and 2g of silicon (0.07mol). After the ampoule had been emptied, it was fused in a high-temperature oven with carbon-silicon cylinders. The temperature was raised to 1200 deg C within 12 hours and then lowered to 500 deg C at 10 deg C/ChemicalBookH.Remove the ampoule, cool it, then insert it into a thick diameter rubber tube and break the ampoule so that the ingot can be safely removed. The Cu-MnSi-Cu substrates rich in copper were dissolved with 8mol/L of nitric. Only the octahedral Crystals remained. The crystals have been washed and dried with water to get the MnSi2 Crystal with a length of 2mm.

Applications Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder:
Due to its unique physical and chemical properties, manganese disilicide (MnSi2) has been successfully used in the fields of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor components, thin-film coatings, bulk structural components, electrothermal elements, thermoelectric materials and photovoltaic materials.
The manganese silicate material is capable of producing a power factor of about 2.4mW/K2m. That is approximately 2 times greater than the original. The module will also convert the waste heat of industrial furnaces, engine emissions and other industrial fields into electricity.

Shipping & Packing of Manganese Silicate MnSi2 powder:
The packaging is dependent on the quantity of MnSi2 silica powder.
Manganese silicide powder MnSi2: As per your request, vacuum packaging is available in 1kg/bags, 25kg/barrels, or both.
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Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder Properties

Alternative Names Manganese disilicon, Manganese disilicide, dimanganese silicon,
Mn2Si, Mn15Si26
CAS Number 12032-86-9
Compound Formula MnSi2
Molecular Mass 111.11
Appearance Solid
Melting Point N/A
Solubility N/A
Density N/A
Purity 99.00%
Particle Size 5-10um
Bold point N/A
Specific Heating N/A
Thermal Conduction N/A
Thermal Expander N/A
Young Modulus N/A
Exact Quantity 110.891903
Monoisotopic Mash 110.891903

Manganese Silicide MnSi2 Powder Health & Safety Information

Safety Advisory N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Flashing point N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
RTECS Number N/A
Transport Information N/A
WGK Germany N/A
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