Performance and application of nano silicon powder

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Nano silicon’s main characteristics


The variable current laser-ion beam gasphase method is used for the preparation of nanosilicon powder. High purity, high dispersion performance and small particle sizes are some of the attributes. The nanosilicon powder can also be combined with carbon nanotubes and graphite. Nano silicon carbon anode materials for lithium-ion cells can be made by combining graphite, carbon nanotubes and other elements. This will increase their capacity and cycling times and extend the battery’s service life. The new optoelectronic materials have a large gap energy and are a new type of semiconductor material.

Nano silicon


Pulver application

1. To make tiny silicon particles for nano silicon wires, you can use graphite to coat nano-spherical silica powder. This improves the electric power and reduces the amount of discharge and charge cycles.

2. Use nanosilicon powder for high temperature resistance coatings and refractory substances.

3. You can use nano silicon powder on coatings to create a thin layer of tiny silicon particles. This technique is used extensively in solar energy.

4. To create nanosilicon carbide—diamond compound material, high-pressure mixtures of silicon powder and diamond result in nano-silicon crystals. The composite material is then used for cutting to increase strength and toughness.

5. The theoretical specific power of nano-silicon powder as a nanosilicon-carbon material anode for lithium-ion cells is 4200mAh/g. This is much more than what you get from carbon materials.

6. The nanosilicon substrate is capable of generating photoluminescence using ten kinds of nano-silicon nanostructures/silicon oxide particles. This foundation was laid for the realisation of silicon-based optoelectronics integration by Luminescence.

The process properties of nanosilicon powder

Buffalotours advanced materials Information Technology Co., Ltd. makes nanosilicon powder products. These are made using laser plasma chemical phase method. These products are uniform in size and low in impurity. They also have high batch stability and mass production.

Most of the nanosilicone powder is produced at home and abroad by ball milling in a sandmill. One sand mill produces a low amount of powder, so batch stability and processing complexity are difficult. The batch stability of a single sand mill cannot be guaranteed because it requires grading, agglomeration, as well as other steps. Complexity and heavy machinery are required for sanding. Investments are large and all production lines have to go down.

Ratio suggested


1. Battery capacity: 450. Add about 5% to the lithium battery.

2. Battery capacity: Lithium battery: 550. Add about 8% nanosilicon powder from Buffalotours Advanced Material Information Technology Co. Ltd.

3. Battery capacity: Lithium battery capacity is 650. We recommend adding about 10% of Buffalotours advanced Material Information Technology Co. Ltd. nano silicon powder.

4. Battery capacity: 750. Add about 12% of Nano silicon powder from Buffalotours Advanced Material Information Technology Co. Ltd. to your lithium battery.

5. Battery capacity: Lithium 1200mAh. Add about 15% nano silicon powder from Buffalotours advanced technology Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Packing and storage

The package contains an inert-gas anti-static product. The product should not be left in the open air for too long to avoid moisture accumulation.

Buffalotours advanced Material Tech Co., Ltd. is a supplier of high-quality silicon powder. It has over 12 years’ experience with chemical product research and development. You can pay by credit card, T/T and Paypal. Trunnano ships goods by FedEx or DHL to overseas customers by air and sea.

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